Sunrise, Sunset... Customized With Your Alarm Clock

You're getting very sleepy. The light is dimming... dimming just a little bit more every moment.  Your eyelids are heavy... heavy with sleep.  Put your book down now.  Just let it fall.  The light is getting dimmer....

It's not hypnosis.   It's the gradual sundown you're experiencing in your own bedroom as your night table lamp dims very gradually.  You can set the Phillips Daybreak Duo Sunrise/Sunset Alarm to simulate sun down in 15 minutes, 2 hours, or anywhere in between.   Sleep literature indicates it takes the average person about 30 minutes to wind down from the day's activities to fall into sleep.

When morning comes, the Daybreak Duo doesn't rock your bed, blast you out with bells or whistles, or flash bright lights on and off in your face.  The sun rises from the same night table lamp, as slowly as you like, brightening your whole room and enabling you to wake up naturally and fully.


Apollo Health's private label Daybreak DuoApollo Health's private label Daybreak Duo


Normally, I would think, "Ah, that's nice," and turn the page, even though I do have trouble waking up fully in the morning.  But then I read that 8 out of 10 adults have difficulty waking up fully rested in the morning.  I wondered if it's not because they get shocked waking up.  Even music can do that to you; it's so unnatural. 

Then I read the customer reviews on the Amazon site and am sold on it!  You should read what they say about having a natural sleep cycle. One thing you want to get with the Daybreak Duo Sunrise/Sunset Alarm: a full spectrum light bulb, which is the closest thing to actual daylight you can get from a light bulb. (UPDATE: The Daybreak may no longer be available. Another very highly rated Dawn Dusk Alarm Clock is here.)


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