A Super Cool Sprayer For Your Dog: The Doggie Drencher


Affordable Agility Inc. makes agility equipment for dogs - things like pole weaves, tunnels, teeter tots, and other equipment that gives dogs, on or off the circuit, a run for their money.  Included in the company's arsenal are water obstacles like the Puddle Jumper and the Aqua Hurdle.  But your dog doesn't need to be trained in agility to just want to chill out this summer with a cool splash from the Doggie Drencher between fetches.


Doggie DrencherDoggie Drencher


This elegantly simple contains several dozen tiny holes that spray water towards the center of the large - 30 x 38 inches - rectangle, nice and gently, evenly, and lovingly It just needs a garden hose to get flowing.  Turn on the water and watch it spray.  Your pup may want to run through it, or just sit in the middle of it like she's getting a sweet shower.


Doggie Drencher spray gridDoggie Drencher spray grid


Whether you use the Doggie Drencher on your agility course or as a stand alone, the Drencher will give your dog more stamina to work out or play in the summer heat.  And before you bring him indoors for a nap, you might want to try this fabulous drying towel, the Soggy Doggy Super Shammy, a sturdy, fast, micro-fiber soaker-upper by any standards that has pockets for your hands for easy toweling. It performs like new after each time you wash and dry it too.


Soggy Doggy Super ShammySoggy Doggy Super Shammy


Water-loving dogs like Labs and Retrievers will probably take to the Doggie Drencher right away, but other dogs may need some encouragement to go through the spray.  Use their favorite treats to encourage them through the first few times, and likely, they'll start looking forward to the Doggie Drencher splash in no time.

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