Super Sized For A Super Console, Part One: The Giant NES Controller Coffee Table

Remembering the days when you'd hook up your NES and start playing Balloon Fight or Super Mario World for hours on end? Well, I do. I recall being a very jittery gamer who would always inadvertently pull on the NES controller when things got too exciting or too difficult to handle. The whole NES console would freeze and my sister and I would end up having to reset the entire thing to get it to work again. She wound up pissed while I reveled in my temporary relief. (Yes, I was a weird gamer then and I think I still retain a bit of those habits until today.)

It's been over a decade since we threw away our NES console because it doesn't switch on anymore. (I blame myself and my bad gaming practices for that.)

So you can imagine what a pleasant surprise it was to browse the net and see this larger-than-life NES controller staring right back at me from my computer screen.

It's actually a DIY project by a gamer named Jocke who built it using around $200 worth of materials after putting in a hefty 70-100 hours of his time. The best part about it is that it's also a fully functional controller that can be hooked up to your NES console (if yours still works, that is). Now I'm sure this is one controller I can't jerk around no matter what game I'm playing.

Check out some more photos of the NES controller slash coffee table:

Of course I'm sure you'll be able to recognize Mario in his red overalls in the first photo. The second one, the hooded doe-eyed guy and the tiny green dinosaur, I can't quite anymore, although I'm sure I've seen them before. I think the name of the game is Devil World, if I'm not mistaken. Then you've got the sly canine from Duck Hunt holding up two ducks that you've presumably just shot down. And then there's the design on the front featuring a plethora of other characters including that guy with the two red balloons from Balloon Fight and the blue Eskimo from Ice Climber. What other characters can you recognize?

I could go on and on about these games all night but I'd rather not bore you to tears. Instead, I'll leave you with this link where you can check out more photos that constitute an informal build log of how Jocke came up with the NES controller coffee table: Imgur and Haphappy

You can also read about the posts that a friend of his posted about the project: Reddit

What did you think of the NES controller-slash-coffee table?

Maybe you took a little trip down memory lane as well like I did with all these familiar games from the past. I hope you enjoyed it because I've found two more giant (and working!) NES-related gear that I'll be featuring later on in the coming weeks. See you then!