Super Easy Cushion - A Sharp Idea That Won't Leave You Flat

The Super Easy Cushion is a super simple solution to an all-too-common problem - how to relax, read or work comfortably while laying flat on your belly.

Wouldn't it be nice if every problem had a super easy solution? For the problem of comfortably relaxing in the prone position, there's the Super Easy Cushion. One might wonder why a simple cushion deserves mention here but wonder not: this $82 device is more than just a cushion, it's a bona-fide piece of furniture.

The 31.5 inch by 19.3 inch contoured cushion is constructed like an adjustable-back Adirondack chair, with an angle control that sets in any of 5 graduated positions depending on how upright & off the floor you want your head & shoulders to be. When perfectly flat it supports you 9.65 inches off the floor, rising to a maximum of 14.8 inches at the highest position.

The Super Easy Cushion is lightweight, weighing just 6.6 pounds. It's especially useful when using a laptop as your arms are freed from the burden of supporting your heavy torso and can flit over the keyboard like butterflies.

You can also lay on your back - you'll find the angle control works the same way, providing welcome relief from neck strain as you read, watch TV or what have you. Get yours from Thanko's Rare Mono Shop - "mono" means "things" in Japanese so: Rare Things. Cool huh?