Super Mario Brothers Fashion: Mario & Luigi Slippers

With the recent new release of Super Mario Brothers for the Wii, old video game characters are making a comeback in a big way. Sure, they've been featured over the years in more modern video games, but this one brings people back to why the loved Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and the rest of the gang in the first place. So, it's no surprise that Mario themed accessories are popping up all over either.

Super Mario ClothingSuper Mario Clothing

The first Mario fashion that we featured was long before the new Super Mario Brothers hit the stores, and now everyone is jumping all over the Toad Beret  that was for sale on Etsy. Now for those who want slightly more practical day-to-day items, there are Mario and Luigi Slippers from Amazon ideal wear for the work at home individual or video game loving child.

Just be careful, if you encounter a bad guy while wearing these fun and cozy kicks, they won't give you magic powers; jumping on his head won't defeat him like it did the Goombas.

UPDATE: In addition the the Mario and Luigi Slippers, you can now get the whole Mario Bros. crew inclusing Yoshi and Blue Mushroom on your feet. You can see the whole selection of available Mario Bros Slippers here.


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