Super Slim Video Player Fits Inside Magazines

The September edition of Entertainment Weekly magazine sports a little tidbit of technology that may pave the way to not only innovative advertising techniques, but also to a new, slim-line form of entertainment.

CBS has embedded a video player in a print ad for their new fall TV lineup.  The video, played on a quarter-inch-thick screen, is activated by opening the page.  It is being touted as the first "Video-In-Print promotion ever.  "Video-In-Print."  V.I.P.  Get it?!?  So clever!  Those ad guys are so cute.

The little screen is inserted between two pages; this area also holds the circuit board necessary for it to work.  Here it is in action:

The quality of video and audio leave a bit to be desired.  But that's not surprising with an advertising gimmick of this type.  It's the innovation that matters.

Which leads me to the potential of such technology.  Imagine a kid's book produced with an improved version of this.  Or a travel book with multiple pages of inserted video-all slim enough to fit in book bag...

Or a full-page video commercial that fits inside of any magazine...

It would definitely catch my attention.