Super Vortex Battle Action Tops The Holiday Wish List

They’re called Beyblades, and for those that aren’t in the know, they’re essentially a modern version of spinning tops. Now, they come with their own arena for holiday battling action.


Right now, Amazon lists the Beyblade Metal Fusion Super Vortex Battle Set as their #1 bestseller in the “Figures” category under “Toys and Games”. Since this is Amazon we’re talking about, this means that the Vortex Battle Set is ridiculously popular for this holiday season.


If you’re unfamiliar with the Beyblade universe, it works like this: players create “Beyblades” that are metal spinning tops of various heights, weights and with different protrusions on them. Two Beyblades are then launched at one another in a titanic struggle – last Beyblade still moving wins.


The Vortex Battle Set provides an arena for the Blades to spin in, as well as ripcords to launch them into their frenetic conflict. Blades can be launched with a left or right-handed spin in order to maximize their longevity in the fight, and the entire set comes with a rulebook and strategy tips.


At its heart, Beyblades are two spinning metal tops that bash into each other, but the customizability takes them to a new level of fun, along with the ability to use their battle arena to increase or decrease their speed depending on how they are launched.

Beyblades: new spinning action!Beyblades: new spinning action!


Reviews of the Vortex Battle Set are positive, with the only real complaint being that the plastic arena will wear down over time as it is made of lightweight plastic. Though the Beyblades lack sharp edges, they will eventually cause the arena to become scarred and rough.


The Beyblades concept is straightforward but it has generated a significant following among young male and female fans. The Beyblade Metal Fusion Super Vortex Battle Set provides a simple way for kids to make sure their combat arena doesn’t send Blades spilling off tables and under couches, never to be seen again.


For $25, the Vortex Battle Set might be just the thing for your dizzying warrior this holiday season.




Source: Hasbro



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