New Supercat Catnip Spray: Product Review


SuperCat Catnip SpraySuperCat Catnip SprayOne of the Quaker Group's newest pet product lines, SuperCat, has come out with an array of innovative catnip-imbued toys - Catnip Caves, Crumples, Markers, Scratch & Sniff Stickers, and Spray.  I gave the non-toxic SuperCat Catnip Spray a try, deciding to compare its effects on my cat with his dried catnip, Sojos Organic Catnip. I was genuinely surprised....

My cat loves his catnip, especially the Sojos brand.  He will eat it, in small doses, wherever I lay it out for him, and it does have that seemingly aphrodisiac effect on him.  He goes crazy on his favorite scratching post until he gets so dizzy he falls off and sleeps - like his battery suddenly died.

But the SuperCat Catnip Spray has its own special powers.  I applied the spray in short bursts, as instructed, to areas that my cat generally ignores, whether I place catnip on them or not. One area was the base of his cat condo, which he has not approached in more than a year, except to eat up his catnip bits before he's outa-there.  I also lightly sprayed a new cat toy he's been ignoring. 


SuperCat Catnip SpraySuperCat Catnip Spray


Unbelievably, my cat voluntarily entered the floor of his condo and sniffed around; then he lay down on its carpeted floor between two scratching posts smelled the air, turning his head around seemingly trying to locate the source of his curiousity - not deeply inhaling mind you, just sniffing.  I tossed the formerly-ignored mouse toy at him and he caught it, sniffed it, and began rolling around and batting it into the air. He played with that toy for almost two minutes - a light year for a cat - and then went back to the condo floor and rested there.

I've been using the Catnip Spray in the evening before our bedtime to tire out my cat so he will let the rest of us sleep, and it's been very effective.  I find that he plays longer and is more curious about different toys, as opposed to just playing with his Da Bird and his scratching post

I had my doubts about a catnip spray, but I can definitely see uses for the SuperCat Catnip Spray beyond dried or fresh catnip, as:

  1. Refreshing the scent of catnip in catnip-stuffed toys;
  2. Creating or reviving interest in cat toys and cat furniture;
  3. Encouraging use of scratching posts and other cat fitness products; and
  4. Training kittens and cats to use cat-acceptable furniture.

That's the buzz for today!


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