Superior Comfort, Health, And Style In The Bambu Pet Lounger & Diner

Ah, lounge and dine, lounge and dine... Makes you want to be your own dog and cat. Pet Lounge Studios, a new company from sunny Florida, is making those experiences even more pleasurable for the lucky four-legged ones in your home. More pleasurable, more stylish, more eco-friendly, and more anatomically correct for our cherished pets.



Bamboo is the choice of wood for Pet Lounge Studios, and it couldn't be a more eco-friendly choice because, bamboo grows like weeds in its natural habitats. Plus, despite bamboo's comparatively light weight, it is exceptionally strong wood. Going straight to the sources of bamboo, the prolific forests of China, Pet Lounge Studio principals oversee the selection and handmade production of its products, currently consisting of the Bambu Lounger and the Bamboo Diner.


The Bambu Lounger

It's not catnip that brings cats to this bed; it's not a t-bone flavored rawhide that attracts dogs. It's the comfort, baby, the comfort. The Bamboo Lounger has a patent pending for its unique mattress support system that, coupled with its memory-foam mattress, make lounging even more luxurious and anatomically beneficial for your under-25 pound cat or dog.

Specifications: Frame: 26"L x 21"W x 9"H; Cushion: 24”L x 21”W x 3”H; Weight: 11Lbs; Pet's weight limit: 25lbs.



As you see below, the lounge cushion is supported by a firm material foundation that is fastened to the lounge frame for stability. The foundation provides support to the cushion much the way that a box spring or other foundation provides support to a mattress.




The Lounger cushions, available in several colors, are filled with the superior open cell foam developed by NASA that is recommended by chiropractors and other health care professionals to protect against joint problems, hip displasia, and the pain of arthritis. This material not only contours to your pet's body but, by doing so, avoids causing the pressure point soreness experienced often in older pets. All Lounger cushions are made with recycled foam.

Microfiber is the fabric of choice for the Lounger covers, being naturally resistant to stains, easy to clean, and 100 percent recyclable. But the Bambu Lounger cover has a liner which prevents pet urine, should an accident occur, from seeping into the foam!

Great thinking!


The Bambu Diner

Like its matching Bambu Lounger, the Bambu Diner is handmade from bamboo that is treated to resist water and stains. The shape of the Diner in itself is unique; being a complete rectangle, the frame establishes more stability for the bowls than most raised pet food and water servers. The bowls are stainless steel and hold up to 1.6 cups of food or water.

The dimensions of the Bambu Diner: 14"L x 6-1/2"W x 4"H. Weight= 5 pounds.




The Bambu Lounger and Bambu Diner are impressive from many perspectives, as I outlined above, and all things considered, the prices are impressive too, especially when you consider that luxury items for pets don't typically consider critical consumer or pet concerns as, let's say, the design of the Bambu Lounger. The Bambu Lounger is priced at $299 and the Bambu Diner at $79.

See more at Pet Lounge Studios.

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Feb 10, 2009
by Anonymous


My first thought is "Really? A lounger for your pet? Who needs that!"
My second thought is "that is a nice pet lounger." The food bowl is pretty cute too!