Superior Design: Win €50,000 Via 2014 Prix Émile Hermès International Design Award!

This international, and open-ended contest is a fantastic opportunity to get recognition for your personal reimagining of nearly any sort of care-related object, while pushing for a chance to win a whole bunch of cash!


This is the third Prix Émile Hermès International Design Award, and the foundation is taking an incredibly wide range of submissions for visually unique and practical products. Feel free to submit designs for indoor or outdoor items that comfort the human body in either a general “care,” emergency or humanitarian way. The only sorts of items that are explicitly banned from the competition are fashion and clothing related things, so keep that in mind! Remember, the core features that the judges are looking for are reusable, sustainable, and innovative products that are easy to mass produce.

"Shelved Cooking""Shelved Cooking"

Sure, that might sound pretty vague, (and it is), but consider that the 2011 edition of the Prix Émile Hermès International Design Award was centered around “Heat, heat, heat” and how the concept of heat in relation to being human. It’s just a general and abstract enough of a concept to warrant brilliant products such as the first place winning concept “Shelved Cooking” and the Ecojoe wood burning store that won third place. These contraptions creatively utilized heat that would otherwise have been wasted for a more efficient cooking experience.


The 2014 Prix Émile Hermès International Design Award is open to designers and inventors under 40 from around the world that have either graduated from design school, or have a few years of design experience under their belts. The three monetary prizes are €50,000 for first place, €25,000 for second and €15,000 for third, but just being recognized by the Émile Hermès foundation should interest investors to throw their weight behind your current and future projects!  

Click here to enter your “human comforting thing,” but you’ll want to hurry up, as the deadline is November 17th, 2013. Good luck, everyone!

Source: 2014 Prix Émile Hermès International Design Award