Supersonic Dog Toy 'Hear Doggy' Martians: Product Review



Hear Doggy small Martian (or Alien) dog toyHear Doggy small Martian (or Alien) dog toyWhen I opened the surpise package on my doorstep last week, I found myself staring at two large and one smaller stuffed Martian toys! Dog toys, I presumed.  They were really adorable and I tried to find their squeakers, the elements that distinguish plush dog toys from plush infant toys. As I was feeling around, I read on a header card that "Hear Doggy" was actually equipped with an ultrasonic squeaker, one that dogs could hear, but not humans.

That's a new gimmick, I thought. In fact, I didn't hear it squeak and my ever-responsive Welsh Terrier didn't respond to the squeaker when I engaged it repeatedly.  So, I was pretty cynical about these Martians, cute as they were.

As I was preparing a kind, but regretful, email to the toy manufacturer, I heard my dog whining and panting in the dining room and went in to find that he'd pulled the package of Hear Doggys off the table and was alternately pouncing on one of the elders and the smaller martian toys, feeling around for their noisemakers (in his experience, all toys make noise) with his jaw.


Hear Doggy Martians: by the Quaker Pet GroupHear Doggy Martians: by the Quaker Pet Group


It was love at first sight between Nukkles and the Martians, but I was not sure it was love at first listen. So, I put them to the test later that day. ( I must admit, my dog was sleeping in his kennel when first introduced to Hear Doggy, so maybe he just incorporated the noise into his typical active dreams.) Turning my back to Nukkles and holding two Hear Doggys in my hands, I started to squeeze them while he was not paying attention.  My husband witnessed Nukkles' reactions to the squeezes and confirmed, as Nukkles, poised then in a standing position, front paws on the back of my legs, cocked his head from one side to another, a typical canine reaction to unfamiliar or unexpected sounds.


Hear Doggys squeak at between 24 and 28 decibels, a higher frequency than humans can hearHear Doggys squeak at between 24 and 28 decibels, a higher frequency than humans can hear

I tried the same test on my dog's two playmates, Rat Terriers, whose heads cocked as I squeezed the Hear Doggys like two RCA Nipper dogs.  They jumped around me until I relinguished the Hear Doggys to their typical doggy delight.  Nukkles was not too happy when they left with one of the large Martians, but he forgot about it as soon as we started playing with his - now his two absolutely favorite toys.

Hear Doggy Martians have Chew Guard TechnologyHear Doggy Martians have Chew Guard TechnologyI like the fact that I can't hear the Hear Doggys but I also like the toughness of the toys.  Unlike most plush dog toys that seldom last more than a few weeks of dog wear and tear, the Hear Doggy Martian toys boast a special 'Chew Dog Technology,' a tough durable liner that protects the soft stuffing from spilling out.  Although Hear Doggy toys are available in other versions, it's only the Martian or Alien version that has the Chew Toy Technology, so far.

I have not found any faults with the Hear Doggy and Nukkles hasn't either.  They - the large and small - are my dog's go-to toys since they arrived.  He plays with both in one session, going back and forth from one to the other, and lies next to them when he sleeps.

The Hear Doggy Martians get our full endorsements. They are available at


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