Surf Your City With The DESKA Board


When you think of surfing, odds are you think of shredding some waves in the ocean. You think of sand, palm trees and the sun shining in an azure sky. With the DESKA Board, you can bring the feel of surfing to your city's streets and sidewalks.

The DESKA Board is hybrid skateboard. It incorporates three wheels, two in the front and one in the back, which makes the board more maneuverable than a traditional skateboard. The DESKA Board also has a suspension system that knows no bounds. Ride this board on pristine sidewalks, and then jump off onto a cobblestone alley or the dirt paths of your local park--DESKA Board can handle all of these terrains. 

Check out the DESKA Board in action in the video below.

Unlike a traditional skateboard, or a surf board, the DESKA Board has its own braking system. The brake disc is connected to the solo wheel in the back, and the brake lever is in the front of the board. If you're picking up too much speed to handle, just press on that lever and slow yourself down. 

DESKA Board also employs a "footbelt" system. This system is a "fix" to the "problem" of keeping your feet on the board. The "footbelt" system is basically a stretchy belt that runs the length of the board. Just slip your feet under the belt, and you can jump with the board anytime you want. 

Wind Surfing With DESKA BoardWind Surfing With DESKA Board

You can ride DESKA Board by itself, using your own foot power to surf through your city, or you can attach a sail and windsurf. The board has a windsurf strap and input system. You can set the straps to right or left-footed if you riding sans sail, and set it in the middle when you use the board as a windsurf. Or just remove the straps if you feel like they're in your way. 

DESKA Board has a carbon sandwich structure with a banded shape that creates a low weight point. It is super lightweight, and thanks to the 200mm diameter wheels (attached with a high quality stainless steel/wood nut) you can surf on just about any surface. 

DESKA Board DesignsDESKA Board Designs

You can find out more about the DESKA Board or check out some of the awesome designs, like the sunset/palm tree silhouette design, on DESKA's website. You can also find out how to order your own so that you can shred up your city's streets and sidewalks.