A Surfboard That Works Without Waves

What do you do when you want to try sufing but a trip to either coast is out of the question? Well you can try to make your own massive waves...but the easier way would be to simply buy a Monojet Surf Board.

The Monojet Board is designed for use in rivers, lakes, ponds, and any other place you wouldn't expect to see someone surfing. Of couse you can also use in in the ocean, but why?

Mono-Tech Tool and Engineering Company, the board's manufacturer, says the board is "easy to ride, operate, mount, dismount, handle, and transport." The board is said to have a top speed of 40mph and is lighter and shorter than any other motorized board available.

The catch? They aren't planning any kind of mass production. If you want one, you will have to pay a visit to the original designer, Egon Monostory. If you seem worthy, he might let you borrow his and give it a test ride. When asked if he owuld ever make another one, he said he might give out the specs, but that's it.

Via : Baller Ride