Surge Protectors Just Got Circular

Surge protectors aren’t pretty. They can look extremely ugly with a lot of cords everywhere and are capable of tripping you if you’re not careful. But a company called Kreative Power hopes to change the look of these hideous electrical outcasts.

The POWRAMID may sound weird, but the surge protector actually looks like its kept up with the evolution of civilization. With a unique circular shape, the device is redefined to fit a modern lifestyle.

Measuring only 5 inches in diameter, the POWRAMID offers six evenly spaced outlets that can accommodate large power cords. With an illuminated power switch and a LED surge-protection indicator, the invention is very user-friendly as well as appealing.

But when it comes to surge protectors, designers should get a little more creative. Releasing models with an assortment of colours may sound corny, but it would be a lot better than seeing a plain old white or black surge protector on the ground. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a green or even orange one laying around the house?

The POWRAMID is a great creation but like all surge protectors, it won’t look quite attractive when all the outlets are used and there are plugs everywhere. (Buy here )

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