Surgery Selfies Making The Rounds At Chinese Hospitals

So-called “Surgery Selfies” - group photos of doctors, nurses and even sedated patients in operating rooms – have become somewhat of a trend in China though not everyone thinks turning successful medical procedures into Kodak moments is a good thing.

Staff at the privately-run Xi'an Fengcheng Hospital are the latest but not the only scrub-clad surgery team to post self-congratulatory selfies (or “wefies”) online. Some of the photos show members flashing peace signs while others depict doctors pulling aside their surgical masks – the better to display their winning smiles to the camera.

As for the patients (none of whom were Joan Rivers), they're neither smiling nor genuflecting due to their anesthetized state and this feature of the surgery selfies seems to be the one causing the most offense. If anything, these images show some similarities to old shots of big game hunters posing with their just-shot trophies. Is that all these patients are?

In any case, the online flood of anger and criticism by China's numerous netizens has prompted the Xi'an Bureau of Public Health to do some operating on their own – with no selfies to document the process.

To date, two top executives of the clinic have been fired and the hospital's executive president was put on a year's probation with the loss of three month's salary. Other participating staff members have seen their bonus's docked and were order to write “self-reflection reports”... without accompanying selfies. (via WSJ Blogs and SINA Weibo)