Surprise Your Sweetheart With Flowers And Candy All In One

One trend that has become increasingly popular lately is the use of edible flowers in food. Many of the colorful blooms in our gardens are not only edible, but quite delicious and nutritious. If you are stuck on whether to buy your sweetheart flowers or candy you can choose to do both with this amazing set of Edible Flower Lollipops.

 Edible Flower LollipopsEdible Flower Lollipops

These jewel-like long-stemmed beauties are made in Athens, Georgia, with pure cane sugar, freshly ground spices, and a variety of edible flowers. The result is a set of four lollipops in the flavors of lavender and marshmallow, rose and honey, marshmallow hibiscus, and marigold with lemon and vanilla. Each glistening pop shows colorful bits of the flower petals suspended within the candy. With a gift as unique as this you can be fairly sure that the object of your affections won't already have them. 

Edible Flower Lollipops and Kimberly HadlockEdible Flower Lollipops and Kimberly Hadlock

The candies are the work of Kimberly Hadlock, a mixologist and food artisan. Floral scents have enchanted her since she was a child and have led her to create flavors and products that reflect this love. Her business started out as a thought one Christmas several years ago when she wondered how to make lollipops as a gift. She played around until she had something she liked. Her friends liked them too and suggested that she go into business for herself. "I have never looked back," she said.

Edible Flower LollipopsEdible Flower Lollipops

If you are wondering how some of these will taste consider this: roses are botanically related to raspberries and rose water has been used as a flavoring in the Middle East for many, many years. My neighbor grows nasturtiums and uses the colorful blossoms in salads. Odd you say? Well, chances are you may have already eaten nasturtiums and not realized it. Capers are pickled nasturtium buds.

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Edible Flower LollipopsEdible Flower Lollipops