Surprise Golfer Dad With The FLOR Putt Up Rug

The Flor 'Putt Up or Shut Up' Rug is totally out in front of the tie or the electric shaver as a Father's Day gift for Dad or Grandpa, even if he doesn't have a putter. Who wouldn't  love a rug with a sense of humor?



But Putt Up isn't all about funny. Flor, the king of carpet tiles, makes for real indoor sport, whether in the family room or on the front porch, with the Putt Up or Shut Up (a name that might not go over that well with Dad or Grandpa) area rug.  With its carefully manicured green Twist & Shout tile, a short but plush, environmentally-friendly dyed carpet base, it offers the same visual texture as that of closely cropped grass.  Add to that the extra plush short shag strips of A Little of This in green/palm and Dad's got his own miniature golf course.




The Putt Up area rug is approximately 3' x 6', made up of 8 Flor carpet tiles19'7" square. Each square can be held firmly in place with Flordots, Flor's double-sided stickies. Flor tiles are easy to care for with regular vacuuming or washing, as necessary. Flor tiles can be easily washed with gentle soap and water, or they can be hosed clean outdoors.  


Sure, Mom can play too!Sure, Mom can play too!


The Putt Up Rug Kit comes with plenty of extra Flordots, to accommodate changing configurations of the rug.  You don't think there's only one putting course here, do you?  Nah-uh!  The Putt Up comes with three putting course map configurations: Par 3, Par 4 and Par 5!


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