Surprise Your Valentine with Chocolate Dipped Squid!

Finding the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your ex-spouse, ex-boss or ex-friend can be ex-hausting... until now, thanks to Saki Ika Chocolate. This "sweet dainty" snack from Japan combines fragrant dried squid with sweet milk chocolate. The term “snack attack” was never so appropriate.     

Saki Ika is a popular Japanese snack food and recipe ingredient that can be found in many Asian markets in the United States and Europe. The slightly moist, stringy and aromatic squid has a rich, salty-sweet flavor that's an ideal foil for beer. It also comes in a “hot” variety that's infused with chili oil and which also goes great with beer.

That's pretty much been it for Saki Ika; regular or hot and a beer (or two) on the side... a state of affairs everyone was cool with and nobody could take issue about. So much for things being too good to be true: Saki Ika Chocolate is here to overturn the applecart!

Saki Ika Chocolate is pretty much what its name predicts: Saki Ika covered in chocolate. The picture on the box and on each of the 5 sealed packages within display a mound of Saki Ika having a giant dollop of melted chocolate poured over it. If you were hoping for something different, consider your hopes dashed.

An inspection of the contents provides more reasons for disappointment. Y'know that Chocolate-Covered Bacon sold at the odd State Fair? It's usually mostly chocolate with a few pieces of bacon ensconced inside. Saki Ika Chocolate, on the other hand, looks pretty much like normal, untainted Saki Ika dusted with a thin, light coating of cocoa allowing the full weight of Saki Ika's intense squid essence to assault one's taste buds with tentacles of steel. Splendid!

You can purchase Saki Ika Chocolate from Village Vanguard's online store for 242 yen (about $3.15) per box. It's the gift that keeps on giving... like a vintage fruitcake or an endlessly re-gifted label maker. Order early and often: whatever you don't give for Valentine's Day can be saved for those annoying un-costumed teenagers next Halloween! (via Cost Blog)