10 Surprisingly Silly Christmas Outfits For The Entire Family


We've all see the ugly sweaters, and even the Totally Wrong Christmas Sweaters. We've seen Santa costumes everywhere. And it's all one big bore.  I want to be surprised. What's truly appreciated is when people get really inventive and creative with their holiday outfits. Here's my picks for 10 Surprisingly Silly Outfts For The Enire Family For Christmas:

1.  Tinsel Dress

Tinsel DressTinsel Dress
Dressing in stuff that cats eat (and poop out) seems iffy.

2.  Dress of Bows

Dress of BowsDress of Bows
Image: Unable to source beyond Pinterest. Please contact us if you have information!

Making the birthday kid wear the bows in the hair has always been a tradition in our house. However, even our cruel family would not do this.

3.  Holiday Lights Hat

Holiday Lights HatHoliday Lights Hat

This seems about ½ step short of wearing the lampshade on your head, dancing on tables at the Company Christmas party.

4.  Bow Boots

Bow BootsBow Boots

Luckily, these go well with the Dress of Bows. Nothing says Christmas spirit like a pair of Uggs covered in used gift wrap bows. 


5.  Lady Gaga Christmas Hat

Lady Gaga Christmas HatLady Gaga Christmas Hat

Lady G never disappoints. We aren’t sure what is going on here, but that is what is great about Gaga.

6.  Holiday nail….art?                

Holiday Nail Art?Holiday Nail Art?    


Holiday Nail Art is great and all, but day-um. Some artiste spent serious time on these, and we salute them. We do wonder about how functional these nails will be in everyday life.

7.  Panta-Claus Pants

Panta ClausPanta Claus

When you just can’t make up your mind…Bonobos has just the clothes to help. These classy duds are made from Chinos material in a clever dual-color motif for the man who wants to be everything to everybody this Christmas season.

8.  Tree Beard

Tree BeardTree Beard
R.R. Aksenov

You've spent years growing out your facial hair just so you can decorate it at holiday time. Congratulations. You are a little bit scary, Mr. Tree Beard Man, but we admire your willingness to go above and beyond this Christmas season. (I think this beard would go so well with any of these 11 Holiday Hairstyles Sure To Shock Santa, don't you?.)

9.  Baby Christmas Tree

Baby Christmas TreeBaby Christmas Tree

Baby looks awfully happy, considering her arms and legs are completely trapped inside this outfit. (Much happier than this Baby Christmas Tree.) How long will it be until she realizes her predicament? We demand follow up photographs!

10.  Santa Claws

Santa ClawsSanta Claws
image courtesy flickr-malingering

Kitty looks a little stunned at how Christmas turned out for him this year. He only had a couple of glasses of Grandma's Special Egg Nog and then a nap, and now look what has happened!

Will you abuse/amuse your friends and family this year with holiday outfit madness? Will you dare to go beyond the Ugly Christmas Sweater meme? Come on….we dare you.

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