Survival Straps: Paracord Fashion For The Paranoid Survivalist

Everywhere we go, my husband always feels that he should have at least 6 feet of rope on hand "just in case". What that just in case is, I can never be sure, but I roll my eyes and tell him not to be ridiculous because rope just isn't something that's convenient to pack and carry with us. Someone has been listening in, because now a line of jewelry, called Survival Straps make sure that you always have a sufficient amount of paracord to handle any survival situation and they're awfully fashionable!

Even better than the 6 feet of scratchy nylon rope my husband believes he should always have on hand, Survival Straps are pieces of fashionable jewelry which can be unwound to provide you with 24 feet of paracord. While they may not be cheap, or suitable for wear at the office, Survival Straps are available in a variety of forms and styles. The paracord paranoid can choose from bracelets, anklets, watch straps, lanyards and even dog collars which can be unwound in just a matter of minutes to handle any emergency that might require the use of rope!