Sushi Look Adds Taste to Issey Miyake's 'Pleats Please' Clothing Line


Issey Miyake's "Pleats Please" designer clothing line is being presented in a most tasteful manner - by dressing up the fabrics to look like sushi!

Japanese designer Issey Miyake is a master of his art - at 71, he's had lots of time to  perfect his vision of high quality, tastefully tailored clothing. Miyake's "Pleats Please" line for 2009 has excellent eye appeal on its own but a mouth-watering ad campaign by Taku Satoh Design Office is appealing to a different sense: that of taste.

The images shown here portray elements of Miyake's famous "Pleats Please" line laid out to approximate the look of (from top down) Maguro (Tuna), Uni (Sea Urchin), Tamago (Egg) and Hamachi (Yellowtail) sushi.

The images play on the rich visual texture of the pleated fabric, creating an attractive association between the sumptuous fabric and the rich, sensual taste and mouth feel of top quality sushi.

"Pleats Please" was first introduced by Issey Miyake in 1993 following several years of experimentation to get the manufacturing process right on a consistent basis. Miyake's patented technique involves sandwiching polyester jersey fabric between layers of paper, then feeding the prepared fabric into a heat press.

The heat causes the fabric to permanently retain washboard-like rows of knife-edged pleats in horizontal, vertical or diagonal rows. Most tailors and clothiers first pleat the fabric and then cut and sew it; Miyake's process reverses the order.

Taku Satoh Design Office is to be congratulated for making an already attractive and appealing subject even more so - while making us hungry in the process! (via Pink Tentacle