Sushi Magic: Sushi Maker Extraordinaire?

Award-winning chef, Michael Young , is the inventor of Sushi Magic and President of Food Adventures Inc. The company’s mission is to bring innovative food and kitchen-related gadgets to the consumer (that’s you), demonstrate how these gadgets are used and expand culinary skills.

Sushi MagicSushi Magic

Acclaimed by home users and chefs alike, Sushi Magic is a complete sushi-making system that is guaranteed to work. Each Sushi Magic kit comes in an attractive gift box and includes two sushi makers, free sushi lessons that teach techniques for preparing great sushi and instructions about where to go to find sushi grade fish (even if they don’t want to find you).

Sushi Magic is the only sushi roller on the market today that makes California rolls with your choice of rice or nori on the outside and Sushi magic has the only nigri mold that presses seafood, wasabi and rice together so that you can shape professional quality sushi in your very own kitchen and attempt to impress your neighbors and in-laws. This machine addresses the difficulty of making rice balls and attaching the wasabi and fish (who don’t appreciate multi-taskers) and creating a big mess with the sticky rice. Sushi is very sensitive (not amenable to constructive criticism at all) and it will crumble when picked up if not pressed correctly.

Making sushi at home with Sushi Magic can be fun and economical.

Is it for you? Could it be magic? That would depend on whether or not you believe in raw fish reincarnation and worse, retribution.

Sushi Magic

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Jun 23, 2008
by Anonymous

Sushi is so easy to make

Why would you bother unless it makes the rice for you -that's the only semi-challenging part.

Jun 23, 2008
by M Dee Dubroff
M Dee Dubroff's picture

Sushi maker

You  have a point ,but it is the fact that it does make perfect California Rolls and keeps it all from becoming a sticky mess that seems to be its major selling point. 

Thanks for your thoughts.

Yours in Words,

M Dee Dubroff

Sep 9, 2008
by Anonymous

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