The Sushi Popper: Created And Made In America!

Sushi PopperSushi Popper A commonly held belief is that everything Americans invent goes to Japan to be perfected and sold. That may be true for technology and, yes, some other areas....  But, here's a case where a great Japanese food, sushi, came to the U.S. from Japan, and has been perfected and sold by Americans.  It's sushi on a stick, sushi to go and eat as you stroll... and yes, as you drive... It's the Sushi Popper!


Sushi Popper: ©Popper Foods LLCSushi Popper: ©Popper Foods LLC













Evan Kaye, CEO and Co-Founder of Popper Foods, LLC, says he was motivated to come up with something that would help him eat sushi while on the go.  He first thought of a twister design, somewhat like a deodorant container, but then he realized, a stick was much simpler. Nonetheless, it's not just a simple stick; it holds and pours your soy sauce too!

This is how people in downtown Manhattan reacted to the Sushi Popper!




A professional sushi chef makes Sushi Poppers in many 'flavors.' Take a look at the Sushi Popper menu.


Sushi Popper Menu: ©Popper Foods LLCSushi Popper Menu: ©Popper Foods LLC


Sushi Popper is sold at grocery stores, restaurants, schools, sports stadiums, and wherever people love to eat sushi. If you can't find Sushi Poppers around you, you can order them shipped fresh right to your door from  Shipping is free (!) and on ice.

Sushi Popper packaging is entirely recyclable.

May 21, 2010
by Anonymous

Made with sauce pack or poke sauce pack?

Love the idea but Id need pack to poke for ginger or wasabi for me to dine on sushi.

Like cold sushi in some sauce.


Then Im game for.

User this worldwide.