Sustainable Fashion: Worn Again Creates Fashionable Bags From Recycled Materials

A progressive fashion company, Worn Again, which produces sustainable fashion accessories, The ShermanThe Shermanproves that fashion can be eco-friendly, practical and attractive. Their line of bags, the newest sustainable fashion available from their line, is made from recycled airplane seats from Virgin Atlantic and seatbelts. Worn Again's collection of luggage and handbags are proving to be trendsetters in green fashion.

Worn Again's eco-chic line of bags made from airline seats recycled from the travel industry saves build up in our landfills with fashion. The line, which features a complete ingredient list to assure consumers that their fashion purchases are in fact eco-friendly, features four sustainable fashion bags made from recycled airline seats. The Lydia, is an eco-friendly shoulder bag which retails for 65 EURO; the Ollie, at 25 EURO is a sustainable toiletry bag; and the Sherman is a messenger style eco-friendly bag sturdy enough to carry laptops and business documents, which also goes for 65 Euro. Each of these fashionable eco-friendly bags are available in a variety of colors, including Virgin Blue, Virgin Orange, Virgin Red, Virgin Grey, Virgin Purple and Military Green.

The LydiaThe Lydia

 The OllieThe Ollie

Worn Again's line of sustainable fashion doesn't stop at reclaimed airline seat bags either; they also make various purses and handbags made from seatbelts, bicycle inner tubes and more; and eco-friendly shoes which are made from recycled canvas, reclaimed rubber soles, and motor-bike tires.

Ladies Green Bike ShoeLadies Green Bike Shoe

Worn Again is not just focused on creating sustainable, eco-friendly fashion; they also consider the impact of menial labor (sweat shops are abolished), and uses green methods to preserve energy and reduce environmental impact.

 Sustainable fashion bridges the gap between recycled and trendy, and with Worn Again, you can carry your very own airline seat with you everywhere you go.