Susurrus: Lighting that Whispers Sweet Nothings

Unusual outcropping of suspended fungi? Genetically engineered Lily-of-the-Valleys lit from within? Not quite. Not exactly a member of the plant kingdom, this lovely organic-looking fixture will delight at least two of your senses with its gentle, softly lit musical dance.

Susurrus, a combination wind chime and lighting fixture, is actually composed of hundreds of thin bone china bells that produce a symphony of delicate tones when activated by gentle movement. Susurrus takes its name from the Latin word, meaning "to murmur or whisper," and each unglazed bell carries its own unique sound and shape due to organic firing methods.

Murmur magicMurmur magic

A 100W tungsten bulbs hides within the structure, creating a warm, ambient light. Susurrus is made to order, and can be extended to lengths of over four meters long in a variety of shapes, according to the needs of the space. The armature, meant to be as unobtrusive as possible, can be powder-coated or produced in copper or stainless steel to match any color scheme, or for outdoor use. For a mere £900-1500 depending on size, the Susurrus lamp makes for quite the lovely addition in both smaller residential as well as larger commercial applications.

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