Suunto X10 Tracks More Than Just The Time

Every new outdoor watch seems to amaze buyers. Sure some of the specifications may already be popular, but there’s always some unique feature that makes the product stand out. In this case with Suunto’s new upgrade, GPS is the new craze.

Source: Coolest Gadgets  

As the enhanced version of the Suunto X9i, the X10 features improved tracking, faster performance and a longer battery life. The upgraded GPS feature now lets users locate their positions faster, especially in extreme conditions. Along with being hands-free, the X10 also records waypoints, routes and can analyze and catalog trips on a computer at home.

The GPS features may be dominant, but the Suunto product is also full of other neat specs to keep the outdoor adventurers occupied and well-equipped, like:

- An altimeter

- A barometer

- A digital compass

- A thermometer

- Extensive memory.

- Basic time/stopwatch functions

Since it’s also compatible with several digital-mapping services from across the world, the Suunto X10 isn’t any ordinary watch. Instead it’s basically a portable outdoor computer that’s very user-friendly and can fit on your wrist. In the end, the X10 is the perfect companion for any modern adventurer.

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