Suzuki Prepares 3 Fuel Cell Concepts for Tokyo

It has been known that Suzuki is planning on bringing the hybrid powered Swift to the Tokyo Motor Show for quite some time. What they didn't tell us, was they have been working on 3 other fuel cell powered vehicles they are going to unveil alongside the Swift Hybrid.

The first of these two vehicles is the SX4-FCV. As the name suggests, it is a fuel cell version of the fairly popular SX4. An 80Kw hydrogen fuel cell, provided by General Motors, is used to provide energy to the 69Kw electric motor. Hydrogen is stored in a specially built tank at pressures up to 10,000 PSI.

The second vehicle is a fuel cell conversion on the popular Burgman scooter. When paired with a small electric motor and a fuel cell provided by Intelligent Energy, the Burgman is able to cruise around effortlessly while burning hardly any fuel. No official range figured have been released as of yet.

The final concept is not actually intended for road use, but rather personal mobility. The concept has been named MIO and uses easily replaceable methanol fuel cell cartridges in place of the traditional battery. In doing so, Suzuki has been able to extend the range of the vehicle drastically.

All three concepts will be on display at the upcoming Tokyo Motor show.

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