Swack: It's a Sweatshirt; It's a Backpack; It's Kind of Awkward

Here's an interesting, if not all that practical, new addition to the outdoor gear/junior high world: the Swack. You see, it's a sweatshirt and backpack built into one piece of gear-clothing. Interesting, for sure, but why the heck do you need a backpack shirt?

Well, designer  Terence Simmons was walking on crutches and his backpack straps got caught up in the crutches, causing him to trip. That seems like a rather rare experience to base an entire concept on, but he did, and he came up with the Swack. The backpack pulls the straps from out of the open and runs them straight through your sweatshirt so that they don't get caught on anything. Of course, there's no wriggling free from your backpack either--say if there's a time bomb about to blow inside of it and you need to chuck it into the bay. Unlikely? Yes. But not much more unlikely than tripping over your backpack. 

Also, it seems problematic to make this a shirt. What happens when it's cold or raining? Do you walk around in your sweatshirt backpack anyway? Does it go under your coat? I think a jacket would be a better all-purpose alternative and would also make for a better name: Jackpack. But I guess that's already been done. Perhaps, Backjack then.

I could see this thing being really stylish for about half a year and then becoming one of those fads that gets mocked for the rest of history. But since it's just a conept, we probably won't ever see that.

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May 16, 2010
by Anonymous

Limited Uses

Beach trips.
outdoor sports.
Otherwise hard to wear for just comfort.
Only real use is outdoors anyplace.