Swarovski Does Disney With Whimsical Alice In Wonderland Necklaces

Tim Burton's interpretation of the Disney classic Alice in Wonderland is one highly anticipated movie.  While fans have a while to wait until it hits theaters, what they don't need to wait for are branded products getting in on the hype including one famous jewelry maker.

Swarovski Disney CollectionSwarovski Disney Collection

As part of Swarovski's Spring/Summer collection, they've done Disney with a whimsical series of Alice in Wonderland necklaces that incorporate some of the fanciful fun of the classic tale, with modern glam. These accessories certainly aren't your five year old girls take on Alice; they're fresh, fashionable and fun!

Alice in Wonderland NecklaceAlice in Wonderland Necklace

The Alice in Wonderland collection will consist primarily of necklaces, with a few bracelets and necklaces thrown into the mix.

Via: Rayli and Fashion Times