Sweat Proof Fabrics Biomimic Reponse Of Pine Cone To Humidity


Image via PerezHilton.comImage via PerezHilton.com Embarrassing underarm sweat stains on your clothing may soon be a thing of the past. And your comfort moving from arid to humid microclimates, as one does often in urban areas, may improve dramatically... and all with fabrics that biomimic the response of the pine cone to humidity.  Here's why the pine cone may be the biomimetic hero of the next generation of fabrics.... 

Modern "smart fabrics" respond to heat and cold in the environment. When those fabrics encounter moisture, as in perspiration, the fabric swells, reducing the porosity of its fibers. This means that less air can circulate through the fabric when it is most needed to quickly dry the perspiration.

Think about it.  We all experience climate conditions of humidity and dryness more profoundly than heat or cold.  We say "It's 100 degrees, but it's dry," acknowledging the comfort level would be unbearable if the humidity was up around 80 or 90 percent with the temperature at 100 degrees. Dr. Veronika Kapsali, a biomimetics expert for clothing and textile design, supported this anecdotal observation in her research...

... Research that led Dr. Kapsali to co-found MMT Textiles Ltd., through which she developed and patented a new process for fabrication of natural and synthetic textiles biomimicking the secret of the pine cone.  In response to humidity, the pine cone actually becomes more porous, allowing air to enter and release the humidity within its structure.   As the moisture dissipates, the cells become less porous. This 'pine cone effect' is mimicked by the technology of the MMT Textiles.

MMT Textiles, functioning like a pine cone, promise to absorb moisture before you feel it, while at the same time providing insulation when it is needed.  But performance and comfort wear are not the only areas where the new pine cone textile technology can be utilized.  It has applications for military wear, hospital linens, wound dressings, greenhouse screening panels, soil moisture control, firefighting and industrial clothing, upholstery, and even building materials!

MMT is now inviting investing partners and collaborative product developers to contact the company.


MMT Textiles via Innovation in Textiles