Sweat Shop Paris: Sewing Cafe Caters To The Crafty

Cafes focused on technology are huge. It's great for travelers to be able to pop in to a cafe, grab a coffee and check their email, but not everyone is about computers, some people are about the crafty. This is why one Paris business has decided to do something a little bit different!

Sweat Shop ParisSweat Shop Paris

Sweat Shop Paris caters to the crafty, rather than the typical computer-seeking crowd. It's not the first of its kind, but it is a great concept, and even better since it's in the fashion capital of the world, Paris, France, of course! Not everyone wants to check their email while indulging in organic teas and snacks, some would rather reconnect with their favorite fabrics.

Sweat Shop Paris charges an hourly rate for those who want to make use of one of their 10 sewing machines. Or, a daily rate of 25 Euro for those sewers who'd like to have unlimited drinks during their day of creativity. Materials are also available, and special rates for complete sewing kits, including time at the machines is also available at this innovative drop-in sewing center!

Via: NY Times