Sweat Your Way To A Beautiful Glow With An Aluminum Facial


If you read beauty magazines you will know that hydration is key in the quest for glowing skin.  Drinking lots of water helps to keep us looking healthy, but there are also all kinds of products and treatments on the market that claim to add extra moisture to the skin, thereby plumping it and giving a youthful radiance.

Well, if hydration is something your skin is in need of and you have no problem with looking like a creepy robot for about 15 minutes then the Akaishi Aluminum Facial Spa may be for you.

The aluminum mask portion wraps around your face and closes in the back with a Velcro strap.  It looks kind of like a pink stormtrooper costume - that is, until you put the hat portion on!  Once everything is in place you should start to sweat.  After 15 minutes or so your facial is complete.  No need to go out for that pricey spa treatment.

Source: Japan Trend Shop