Swedes 4G’ing Ahead With New And Improved Wi-Fi

On May 13th, 2010, a small Swedish tech company by the name of Anyfi decided to go and mess up the status quo in the world of Wi-Fi Internet technology by announcing a new form of Wi-Fi that will apparently provide 4G service to home and mobile customers alike.


In a land of mountains, goats, and the ubiquitous mountain goat, the need for a more robust mobile network was likely quite high, but Anyfi has been remarkably silent about their potential breakthrough until now. But now, from a country that brought the world the safety match and dynamite comes something safer, though with a different explosive potential. These quiet Northern European nations…they’re sneaky.


In essence, the idea behind this new innovation is to use already-existing broadband infrastructure to broaden mobile network capabilities. According to Bjorn Smedman, CEO of the company and bearer of a sweet first name, only 1-2 percent of the capacity of residential broadband networks is actually being used. In contrast, mobile phone networks are overloaded with iPhone, Blackberry and Android users who just can’t get enough data on the go.


The trouble has always been joining these two technologies together. Wired Internet providers use Internet Protocol technology to control access and limit security breaches, but Wi-Fi has always had inherent security issues, as well as an inability to handle the same amount of traffic as home networks. Wireless hotspots are bogged down by numerous users and often poor levels of connectivity, based both on location and service provider.


Anyfi has apparently solved this problem by creating a new technology that doubles as both home and on-the-go Internet. Wi-Fi radio traffic is actually shipped over the Internet itself, and a cloud-based matchmaking service means that a home network is available whether the user is at home or not.

The Anyfi Router: Oooh...spiky.The Anyfi Router: Oooh...spiky.


If this works, this is a huge deal.


4G has been “on the horizon” as a comprehensive IP-based solution for all Internet activities from multimedia streaming to gaming to telephone use for some time now, but both security and capacity have been limiting factors.


If these Swedes are right, this could mean a true 4G revolution, something will inevitably make customers very happy and the market a very different place. Currently, a pricing separate structure exists for Wi-Fi data access and home Internet use, but this will disappear like so much smoke if and when Wi-Fi and IP technologies become essentially one and the same.


This is a risky venture – the potential for disaster if the security doesn’t live up to snuff is substantial, so right now Anyfi is in the process of convincing Internet providers that a switch to their technology will make their networks both more viable and more profitable.


We suggest a well-funded marketing campaign to the folk-pop sounds of ABBA’s “take a chance on me”, ideally broadcast over their 4g network. Nothing says “trustworthy company” like a Swedish supergroup.

Source: TweakTown