Swedish Building Heated With Body Heat

More than 250,000 people pass through the Stockholm Central Station every day. In the past, the body heat they release has posed problems, requiring open windows to air it out.

stockholm central stationstockholm central station

But soon, the excess heat will be used to provide heating for a new office building nearby. A Swedish company called Jernhuset plans to harness the heat through a ventilation system where it would be used to warm water.

The water would then be pumped through pipes to the new office building, and incorporated into the heating system. Jernhuset expects the technology to reduce heating costs by 20% for the new building, which will be completed in 2010. The initial installation would not be very expensive, either, costing about $31,000.

"This is old technology, but used in a new way. It's just pipes, water and pumps, but we haven't heard of anyone else using this technology in this way before," said Karl Sundholm, a spokesman for Jernhuset.

Via: PhysOrg.com

Lisa Zyga
Science Blogger