Swedish Divot Tool May Help Your Golf Swing

I mentioned in a previous article (Drive Golfers Crazy With Radio Controlled Golf Ball) that I'm no golfer.  But I do have friends that are, and on occasion they bring something into the conversation that I jump online and look into.  You never know when you'll find that perfect Christmas gift.

I didn't know that they played golf in Sweden.  Nor that they would invent items to be used in golf.  But, there ya go...  They do.

This is the PitchFixer 2, a lightweight (20 grams) divot tool devised to repair pitch marks.

The little fork extends via a button and is made of steel.  You insert the fork just outside of the ball mark and twist toward the hole.  It moves the undamaged turf over the ball mark, thus fixing the wounded grass.  A little brush at the top keeps golfers from getting soil in their pockets.

Though I find that rather silly, I don't golf.  Perhaps soil in the pockets is a major issue.

It comes in all sorts of colors and can even be ordered with your own customized logo.  According to the ads, it's quite comfortable to use.  I don't understand that.  It's not like an ergonomic shovel or something.  It's tiny--around four inches long.

I suppose if I ever golf, I'll get one of these.  Until then, I think I'll just sit back and ponder soil in my pockets.

You can purchase the PitchFixer 2 at Cleangolf.

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May 28, 2009
by Anonymous

Swedish golfers - stupid writer

You haven´t tried googling I suppose? We have more then 573 523 golfers in Sweden, and even some really huuuuuuge stars, like Annika Sörenstam. Why shouldnt we have golfers? Its not like we have snow all year, we hardly have snow in winter anymore.


May 29, 2009
by John P. Barker
John P. Barker's picture


It just surprised me, that's all.  And I made it very apparent that I didn't Google it.

Do you have surfers there?

May 31, 2009
by Anonymous

Surfers, we sure do!

Yeah, we do! And some even surf all year round! :D
Its not like we are still in the stone age you know!

Jun 1, 2009
by John P. Barker
John P. Barker's picture


I never implied you were in the stone age.  Actually, my best friend just moved back to Sweden after 15 years here in the states.  I may be heading there soon for a visit.  In all of the time I've known him he's never mentioned either golf or surfing.  He has mentioned televison shows and music--stuff of that nature.  I don't know that sports ever even came up in our conversations--lol.