The Sweet Flour Bake Shop: Custom Cookies Based On Demand

Not far from my home town is a simple yet delicious new concept that involves fresh baked goods and some serious decision making. Keep on reading to learn about The Sweet Flour Bake Shop and what makes it so unique.

Sweet Flour Bake ShopSweet Flour Bake Shop

The Sweet Flour Bake Shop constantly smells of freshly baked cookies, and that's because they're constantly baking customized cookie flavors for patrons, available by the single or by the dozen in any flavor they want. Similar to an ice cream shop, visitors to the shop can satisfy their sweet tooth by choosing their own mix-in flavors that are instantly added to the appropriate amount of cookie batter, flattened into cookie shape and stuck in the oven so they transform from dough to warm, delicious cookies that meet your mouth's every desire.

The process is simple, and really, the most stressful part is choosing from the many (more than 20) mix-in flavors, types of dough and spreads that are available at the Sweet Flour Bake Shop. Plus you've got to decide on a cookie format since you can go with traditional, or a sandwich cookie version, either of which I'm sure are making your mouths water just thinking about it.

From a business perspective, this bakery is genius for a number of reasons; it's a great concept for marketing, and it reduces waste when cookies are baked exclusively on demand rather than made in batches based on prospective sales. It sounds like The Sweet Flour Bake Shop is the first to evolve the bakery business as we know it, but it won't be the last.

Via: BlogTO