Sweet Gadgets You Can Wear: Jelly Belly Earphones

Everyone loves a Jelly Belly. The flavor and color choices are immense; they taste great; and unfortunately, they find their way directly to that part of your body where you've been trying to lose that last 5 pounds for ages. The solution? A new jelly belly electronic that you can wear.

Sweet EarbudsSweet Earbuds

The Jelly Belly headphones are the latest thing that the sweet brand is about to put their name on. The earbud style earphones are ready to wear and can be plugged into any electronic gadget with an audio input. Of course, the earbuds are in the shape of Jelly Belly jellybeans. The sets come with two different colored earphones making them a little bit more carefree and distinguishable in style.

Jelly Belly EarphonesJelly Belly Earphones

The Jelly Belly earphones also come with a jellybean shaped case.

Via: Gizmodiva

Jan 16, 2010
by Anonymous

Where can you get them from

Where can you get them from ?????