Sweet! Make Your Own Bubble Gum!

If you like to cook and can walk and chew gum at the same time, then you may want to try to Make Your Own Bubble Gum. The kit brings together all the ingredients to make about ½ a pound of the gooey chewy. It could beMake Your Own Bubble Gum KitMake Your Own Bubble Gum Kit a whole new adventure in your culinary exploits. You could also make some as gifts this year for those certain people in your life -- you know, the bubble-brains and the bubble-butts,

Bubble gum is hardly a new invention. It was first created in 1928 by an accountant. That fact in and of itself is pretty strange. Granted he worked for the Fleer Gum Company of Philadelphia, but he was definitely messing around in the wrong department. This led to the production of Dubble Bubble bubble gum. The Dubble part came from the name of the company's president at the time. Here all of these years I thought it was because it was twice as bubbly. Fleer had the corner on the market until Bazooka Bubble Gum hit the stores after World War II.

Make Your Own Bubble Gum KitMake Your Own Bubble Gum KitOne more trivial tidbit -- bubble gum started out pink because that was the only dye available at the time. It probably didn't hurt that pink was the favorite color or that errant accountant. I'm assuming that he was very secure in his masculinity.

Actually making it at home isn't totally unique either. I remember making a really crappy batch of it in my Easy Bake Oven a million or so years ago. Back then all I had to do was mix a package mix with some water and then bake it with the magic of a 100-watt incandescent light bulb.

From the looks of this kit it is not quite as simple is that, so the result should be quite a bit better than a mix provided as part of a child's toy. This kit includes the gum base, powdered sugar, corn sweetener, bubble gum flavoring, waxed paper, a mixing tool and mixing container. You do need to be prepared to add your own food Make Your Own Bubble Gum KitMake Your Own Bubble Gum Kitcoloring. Fortunately for most of us, the kit also includes step-by-step instructions. In my case lots of pictures and a road map would probably help too.

If you aren't that into cooking, this kit is a great gift idea for anyone who likes to cook or for kids who like to experiment. It is also a great "quality time" project for you and your kids to share.

Make Your Own Bubble Gum and your family will stick together. Literally if you aren't careful!

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