Swell Light: Rises with the Temperature

Japanese design lighting company Yamagiwa has been in the business of producing high-end illumination for the better part of a century, and have recently began bringing international designers on board.  For design week in Milan they showcased some of UK designer Paul Cocksedge's unique lighting ideas. 

Paul Cocksedge has long experimented with material and technology in his lighting that, according to his website, 'simultaneously is what it is and yet ought not to be.'  Precisely what 'Swell' light is, and isn't...



Expansion and contraction were the basis for this lamp,  as in the processes water might go through when it heats or freezes.  What appears to be a solid orb of colored glass is actually a vessel filled with colored liquid, with an incandescent bulb suspended from it.  As the heat from the switched on bulb rises, the contained fluid heats and rises up through the glass tube, resembling a thermometer.  

This seems to be a signature theme with Cocksedge's work:  chemical reactions and utilitarian materials producing what can only be described as art. 

Paul Cocksedge Studio via HomeTone