Swim In Movies: A New Take On The Retro Drive In Concept?

Every summer, many Americans flock to the drive in movie theaters to see their favorite retro flicks or new blockbuster releases. Although drive in movies are still popular today, there are far fewer operating theaters than there were a few decades ago, and some things have changed. Speakers no longer have to be pulled through your car's window as was once necessary (now, audio is available through a specified radio station), for example. What hasn't changed are the kids in pajamas or the pickup beds loaded with blankets and teenagers. But now, one concept could totally reinvent the drive in - and driving isn't even part of the equation.

I'll give you a hint about where you are when you watch a movie at this non-drive in concept. Media headlines have been asking readers things like "could there possibly be any scarier way to watch 'Jaws'?" That's right, this new kind of drive in takes you off of dry land.  Instead, on June 27th in honor of the 40th anniversary of one of the country's favorite movies, shark fans watched the film while on inner tubes floating on a man-made lake at Texas Ski Ranch. The venue, located in New Braunfels, Texas (just over 30 miles from San Antonio) hosted a similar screening in 2002 and has another one planned this summer on July 11th. 

Jaws on the Water, as its been dubbed has a $30 ticket price, which also includes the use of a basic floating inner tube. If the photos posted are any indication, most opt to use the devices provided despite the alternative of bringing their own. For the less adventurous that still want the movie experience, a dryer option of sitting on a beach-bound lawn chair is available as well.

While there is clearly a major difference between this "swim in" experience and traditional drive in venues, some vintage trends are still featured.  Movie snacks, drinks, and even satellite beer vendors provide for all of your concession needs. 

The only bad news about this movie business concept is that it's not a full time venture during the summer months. Alamo Drafthouse/Rolling Road Showputs on movie events at the venue (and other locations) and while they do offer regular landlocked events, water-based viewing options are offered rarely.

That said, there'd certainly be a market for it. Other water-based movies may never have the popularity of Jaws since it is the seventh highest grossing movie domestically ever (accounting for inflation), and a scary movie with the highest impact on people. However, there are plenty of movies that would have their entertainment value enhanced when viewers are floating over a murky lagoon in the dark, unable to see what lurks beneath. 

Happy Shark Week!

Via: CNN

Images via Instagram users Bunnamatic, Rolling Road Show, Drafthouse