Swim Like A Dolphin With Lunocet Swim Fin


Do you ever feel as though your swimming technique is rather lacking? Do you spend a near-eternity flailing around only to realize that you haven't moved but two feet? Do pretty women stare at you in horror and yell for the help of a lifeguard as you attack the water with sporadic, violent slaps? Do other beachgoers promptly clear a wide path as not to get caught into the vortex that is your backstroke?  If so, you have three simple options: take swimming lessons, get the hell out of the water and find a new form of recreation, or try out the Lunocet Swim Fin.

The Lunocet Swim Fin has been around for several months, though it looks like it arrived straight from the future. Turn yourself into a sort of dolphinlike cyborg with this biomemetic swim fin that promises swim speeds around 8 MPH, previously humanly impossible. The fin, designed after the efficient tail of a dolphin or whale, uses pivoting carbon fiber hydrofoils attached to an aluminum footplate. The system works with cycling shoes that lock into the foot plate to turn you into a pseudo-mermaid.  Lunocet even intimates that you can leap out of the water like those big mammals that we love to watch so much.

While it would be rather disappointing to go dolphin or whale watching in some exotic locale, only to see the greaseball who set up his beach towel next to yours rocketing out of the water, this device certainly appears to hold a lot of potential for swimmers and divers. The Lunocet comes in a variety of colors and retails for $975, a bit more than a pair of flippers, but you're sure to perform a little better too.

Source: Lunocet

May 25, 2009
by Anonymous

Worldwide Rental market

Apps for:
Navy SEALs
Speed swimmers
Recreational swimming
Au Natural Tourisim, Sports marketplace.
Race swimmers.
Lifeguards? don quick & then dash into Sea OR from boat.

Looks like Fun to use.

Need 12K for HI alone (tourisim & locals).

Plus: Mexico, Caribbean, EU, Med Sea, India, PI, Vietnam.

Jul 30, 2009
by Anonymous

Has anyone ever used one that is not a part of Ciamillo's crew?

I ordered a lunocet monofin and never received it after multiple promises/excuses from Ted Ciamillo. I ended up having to dispute the charge with my credit card company after a classic "your check is in the mail" final promise that a refund was coming. BTW, the check never arrived but thankfully my credit card company was very supportive of my dispute. Bottomline.... BEWARE!!!!