Swim Fins For Your Hands: Dark Fin Gloves

Want to gain a little extra oomph to your breast stroke while also looking like some sort of sea creature villain out of the next Batman movie. DarkFin Gloves will let you get that done.

Slip your wrinkly fingers into these puppies and your hands are like webbed duck feet. Made from flexible latex--like the kind you slide on other body parts--these gloves will let you get the most out of every stroke. In fact they increase surface area by some 70 percent over your dainty digits alone. Pair them with swim fins for your feet and you'll be like a human torpedo. 

You can pick up this great swimming/scuba advantage for just $25. I wish they had an invisible model, so that you could just kick the crap out of all your friends in a swim race and they'd never be the wiser. Unfortunately they only come in black, what with invisibility being pretty much impossible and all.On the plus side, the black is sure to make you look pretty sinister. If that tan blonde in the low-cut two-piece turns you down, you can go back and scare the hell out of her. 

I figure that with these amazing swim gloves and the new Orb Scuba Helmet that eliminates the need for scuba equipment as you know it, and I will be able to swim better than any fish. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: To see what other types of hand fins are available in the market today, take a look at the collection of hands fins at Amazon, including these cool silicone swim gloves.

DarkFinGloves via Uncrate 

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