Swimsense: The Pedometer For Swimming

The Swimsense from Finis is a simple wristwatch that includes various motion sensors, allowing it to track your performance in the pool or ocean. It is able to log such stats as laps, total distance, calories burned, lap time, pace, and stroke count. You'll no longer have to keep track mentally and will be able to focus all your attention on getting the most out of your swim.

The Swimsense is also able to automatically detect your stroke and can distinguish between backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle.It stores up to 14 workouts so that you can compare and contrast. If you want to get even deeper and more analytical, you can connect to your PC via USB and load Swimsense Online Viewer to compare past performances and set new goals. 

Have a serious swimmer in your life? Holiday 2010 just got a little easier. The Swimsense will be hitting the market just in time for the shopping season with a retail price of $200. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Swimsense is now available on Amazon here and at other retailers.


Finis via Gizmag


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