Swine Flu App Can Detect When Pigs Fly?

With news of the swine flu epidemic crowding the airwaves, could pigs now possibly be crowding the airways? Could your favorite hog be allowed to fly the friendly skies? In a world that's paranoid of a potential pandemic, and Joe Biden being chastised for warning people "not to fly," is it even conceivable that pigs might be boarding planes? Well if PetAirways has anything to do with it, that just might be the case. And if IntuApps moves forward with their Swine Flu App, there may be a way to detect when pigs fly?

PetAirways' web site announced that it will start flying in May, 2009. The first flights will be Los Angeles to the East Coast (New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C.) with stops in Chicago and Denver, at introductory fares of $149 each way.

According to a spokesman: “with PetAirways, your pet will be safe and comfortable, flying in the main cabin, not in cargo. From check-in at our pet lounge and throughout the flight, our pet attendants will be caring and catering to all your pet’s needs.”

No flights are currently listed on the Web site, which simply promises “coming soon,” but the Web site also lists other means of travel for pets, a MyPAWS Club for pet supply discounts, a Facebook fan page and plenty of news stories about pet travel.

The scary aspect to all this is pet owners will have to find their own way to get to where their pets are going, as they won't be allowed to fly with your pet. That leaves your potential pig up in the air unaccompanied, with potentially a lot of baggage (namely micro-organisms)!

Not to worry...to the rescue is the Swine Flu Tracker that will allow you to panic anywhere! IntuApps, which has just developed the app is waiting approval from Apple before it’s release into the App Store. IntuApps’ Barry Schwartz has provided us with a screenshot of the app here:

The app will actually show the current threat Level for the disease, a map showing confirming suspected cases, and a breaking news page for updates. The app will be pretty useful in alerting us as to what geographic areas to avoid when traveling. Whether the app will also provide us with up to date info on PetAirways' incoming and outgoing flights has not been determined at the time of this posting.

In closing, I must calm the alarmists. PetAirways has not actually publicly confirmed whether pigs will be allowed to fly on their planes. I'm just trying to make light of the matter with a little "kidding"!...which just gives me another thought... I wonder if lambs will be allowed to board their aircraft? After all,  business travelers have been boarding airplanes like sheep for years! (but that's another story!)