SwingEase Converts Traditional Park Swings Into Baby And Toddler Swings

The founders and moms behind the company HoneyBee Child are committed to safety, style, and making mothers’ lives easier. Since I often have on carpi length cut-off sweat pants, I’m not particularly interested in style; but a product that is safe for my children and will make my everyday tasks easier is worth investigating. HoneyBee Child’s newest invention is the SwingEase, a light-weight, portable seat that converts a standard chain swing into a swing safe for babies and toddlers.

When I first saw this product, I’ll admit I was skeptical. Without reading its description or watching the demo video, it just looked like an oversized diaper and a new product I probably didn't need. And then I went to the park with my three young children—a very athletic three-year-old daughter and very mobile 11-month-old twin boys.

Being at the park together is not really being together. My daughter wants to be pushed on the big kid swings or climb all over the jungle gym, and my boys want to crawl in opposite directions. It’s rare to find enough baby or toddler swings at a park and it can be tougher to find them near the big kid swings and slides. SwingEase solves that problem.


SwingEase attaches to most standard sized chain swings and is designed for children 6-36 months and up to 40 pounds. The bottom of SwingEase attaches directly to the swing, its hooks attach to the chains, and the waist can be adjusted for kids of all sizes. These safety features meet US Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations and were reasons for winning a Juvenile Products Manufactures Association award for innovation. This product has also won awards from ABC Kids Expo, The Cribsie Awards, and Red Tricycle.

The SwingEase is made out of a durable, machine-washable material and is easily folded into its built-in bag when not in use. When folded, it is small enough to be tossed in the stroller or diaper bag. And if you really want the intimate feeling of swinging with your little one, but don’t want to worry about dropping her, the SwingEase can still be used by attaching the metal hooks a few links higher on the swing’s chains. Mom or Dad can sit on the swing while their child is securely seated on their lap.

Swinging with my kids would be fun and I like having the option, but I am just as happy to have all three kids in one spot and not using me as their jungle gym or personal swing. I always breathe a sigh of relief when I buckle my kids into their car seats or strollers. I know they are safe and I know I have a little personal space—if only for a small amount of time. I can add SwingEase to my list of safe and acceptable items of restraint.

If you’re heading to the park this summer, you might want to bring along the QueenBee Bag or HoneyBee Child Tote. You also might want to bring your thinking cap. HoneyBee Child wants to help other moms reach their dreams by providing a platform, sourcing, and marketing opportunities for new products and great inventions. So if you have an idea that could make everyday activities better or easier you can submit it to the HoneyBee BeeHive incubator. I will be bringing an iced coffee to the park, because with at least two of my three kids in a SwingEase, I will have an extra hand to hold an adult sized drink.

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