Swing Life Away With Fashion’s First Swing Skirt

Have you ever found yourself walking down the street, overcome by the desperate urge to swing with nary a swing set on site? Well first, let me congratulate you for your strange instincts, but secondly, let me reassure you that your dreams are about to come true thanks to Netherlands fashion designer Rachel Griffin.

Fortunately, if you've always dreamed of swinging from the rafters, or a tree that you walk by in the park, you can now have the opportunity that's built right into your clothing, thanks to designer Rachel Griffin who's had the exact same dreams, clearly.

The Swing Skirt is a hand-woven skirt that also doubles as a swing. Dreamers and the fashionably carefree can wear this Swing Skirt out on the town and break out in swing anytime the mood strikes. The Swing Skirt has ropes which can be tossed over any beam or object strong enough to hold your weight, and use variations of the rock-climbing knot called the prusik which makes for adjustable height for the swing.

Well, for those want to be swingers out there, here's your solution; but men, unless you're willing to put on the Swing Skirt, you'll have to wait for your turn.

 Via: Cool Hunting