Swole Society Apparel Has Created Dress Shirts For The Swole Guy

Calling all "meatheads," "gym rats" and "swole guys." If you have trouble finding dress shirts that fit your massive torso properly, then you may want to check out what Swole Society Apparel has in the works. They're designing clothing specifically for the "swole guy" population.

Swole Guys In Bad ShirtsSwole Guys In Bad Shirts

If you're that guy with the massive pecs and huge arms, you've probably experienced one (or both) of the scenarios pictured above. On the left, there's the "button popping" look, and on the right there's the "shirt tent" look. Dress shirts just aren't designed for the physical anomaly that is the "swole guy"--the guy with a lot of bulk.

Enter Swole Society Apparel. Based out of Chicago, this company already has a line of tee-shirts and other gym apparel out, but now they are venturing into the dress shirt world. They have designed a dress shirt for the strong guy--a shirt that will fit his torso without being to baggy or too loose. 

Swole Society ApparelSwole Society Apparel

Now that's how a dress shirt is supposed to fit...and this shirt wasn't tailored to fit that way. The Swole Society dress shirt is bigger in the neck, broader in the chest and shoulders and tapers at the waist. Right now, there are seven (count 'em, SEVEN) sizing options, and Swole Society wants to add at least two more (a "tall" option). 

With all of those options, the powerlifter and basketball player can both find something that fits properly. The Crossfitter can find a dress shirt and so can the bodybuilder.

Swole Society Up CloseSwole Society Up Close

These dress shirts are made of 97% pima cotton and 3% spandex, so they have some stretch in them. They are also soft to the touch and durable. Right now, they are available in three colors: blue chambray, olive twill and stone twill.

Swole Society hasn't actually started mass producing these shirts just yet, but it may only be a matter of time. The company is young, and they ran a Kickstarter campaign in December. It was unsuccessful, but I think an idea like this could catch on quickly.

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