The SwRing Is Fun For All Kids And Therapeutic For Those With Autism

Though the SwRing was invented by Emory Clark more than 30 years ago, it is new to some parents and their autistic children. It’s similar to a tire swing in that it swings while spinning in small circles while rotating in larger ones. The SwRing is built as tough and long-lasting as playground equipment, but is safe enough for children as young as 18 months. Kids can climb on, sit in, or stand on SwRings, but it’s more than child’s play. SwRing is fun for all but therapeutic for children with autism and recently won a 2014 Family Choice Award for children’s products.

Occupational and physical therapists quickly brought the SwRing into their practices once they discovered it helps improve balance, communication, and sensory regulation challenges in children on the autism spectrum.

I do not know what it’s like to have a child with autism or other needs that require special attention. But I know parenting is hard enough without the added stress and worry of my children’s health and well-being. If a product can bring joy and success to an autistic child, it’s totally worth talking about. And if it’s a product that can be inclusive to all kids, then it should be available in pre-schools, schools, and pediatric medical centers.

SwRings are made to last. Each ring is painted with non-toxic, weather resistant paint and attach to polypropylene ropes that hold up to 2,000 pounds. The strength of the SwRing allows several children and adults to use it at the same time. This allows parents or therapists to join their kids during therapy or playtime.

All SwRings come with a heavy-duty carabiner that snaps onto a lifetime nylon bushing so you can be sure your kids are playing on a well-built and safe apparatus. And when they are done playing, you can easily unhook the carabineer and collapse the SwRing for easy storage.

The SwRing has been endorsed by autism advocacy groups and has received many positive reviews from parents and therapists. It is available in four different swing models. The Moovin & Groovin SwRing was designed with the help of an occupational therapist who wanted a larger, grooved bottom platform and rings with more room between them for easier entry and exit for young clients. The Climbing SwRing is exactly what it sounds like: It’s a swing you can climb!

Playing on a SwRing builds a child’s strength, balance, and confidence. It’s also fun, interactive, and leads to imaginative play. The coolest part is that it’s a swing which is inclusive and therapeutic for children with autism. All kids should experience a SwRing because all kids deserve happiness.