Syma S107 Helicopter – Flight Goes Palm-Sized

The Syma S107 helicopter delivers stable, indoor flying fun in the palm of your child’s hand – for under $50!


Helicopters are wondrous (albeit dangerous) things, and there are few children that would pass on an opportunity to fly one. Unfortunately, real helicopters tend to be off-limits for kids or adults without years of training, and outdoor R/C helicopters can be complex to fly and expensive to repair when strong winds inevitably sail them into the side of a house.


Fortunately, there’s the Syma S107 Mini helicopter, which allows both the fun of flight and the security of an indoor environment.


The S107 features three full channels of motion, which means that it can go up and down, left and right and also forward and back, an improvement over many similar indoor helicopters. In addition, the S107 is constructed largely of metal and hardened plastic, meaning that an unexpected landing or sudden stop will not obliterate the machine.


At only 7.5” wide and tall and with a similar blade-span, the S107 is small enough to flit around the house without getting in the way and moves at a rate of speed that is both easily controllable but still fun for anyone flying it. The transmitter does come with a “trim” option to stabilize flight, but reviews state that it is rarely needed in order to keep the S107 under control.

Toy helicopter: fun and fast.Toy helicopter: fun and fast.


The ‘copter also comes with a Lithium battery that can be charged using the transmitter remote or a USB cable, and a 25-30 minute charge will give enough power for a 10 minute flight with a range of approximately 30 feet.


With a range of features and a price of under $50 on Amazon, it’s no wonder that this toy is listed highly and has received almost entirely 5-strar reviews from those who have purchased it.


The toy is recommended for those over 14, but with stable flight and a reasonable speed, anyone over 10 should have no trouble enjoying their very own helicopter.


Source: Amazing Tech Depot


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