SynchTube Lets You Watch YouTube Videos With Friends

Many times when you want to share a YouTube video with your friends, a host of inconveniences arise.  Either you all huddle around your friend's monitor and watch the video in full screen, or you share the link across various social media sites or instant messaging, and everyone watches at a stop-and-go kind of rate. SynchTube is taking the pain out of sharing videos by making a synchronized chatroom that you and your buddies can use to enjoy the video simultaneously.

The set up of the site couldn't be simpler.  All you do is paste in the URL of the video you want to watch, and SynchTube automagically creates a chatroom with a synchronized version of the video that you control.  Once everyone you want to join is in the room, you press the play button and start chatting.  Good times!

One great thing about the site is that it is dead simple to use, and once you have a room, they provide you with a direct link so that friends can easily join.  You can also join random public rooms.  However, I tried a few of these and all of them seemed deserted.  The site likely needs a larger user base before joining a random room will prove entertaining.

One thing is for sure, SynchTube delivers on what it promises in spades.  While it's great that you can start a room and add another video without starting a new room, the site might benefit from a playlist feature.  Also, it would be interesting if guests in a private room could add videos to the queue.  Now that you've gotten an idea of what this site is all about, go share some videos!  Let us know how you liked it in the comments.  Happy tubing!